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Launch Pad

Building communities and futures

Welcome to LaunchPad, a housing initiative centred around uniting young people and building community under the roof of cutting edge, inspired housing design. This is student housing with a difference, uniting University of Bristol students with young people from the city to develop sustainable and interconnected communities.

Launch Pad

What is LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is a mixed community housing scheme, set up for University of Bristol students, young people who have been at risk of homelessness, and Key Workers. Our ambition is to bring young people together to build communities and futures.

Our housing is for the young independent adult, ready for the best start in life in modern and inspired accommodation. It is here to help people break out of poor-quality student rentals, supported housing or accommodation built for profit. We’re looking for people who value community and want to live somewhere that provides more than just a roof, with genuine opportunities to meet the people around them.

We value co-living, community, equal opportunities, home and a sense of fun.

LaunchPad is a bit different from traditional student digs or private rentals

Launchpad offers opportunities for residents to get involved with self-management, to make decisions about how the building works and to help cultivate the community. This could include helping to manage outside spaces, communal areas or organising community events. We’re looking for people who want to take an active role in their community.

Launch Pad
Launch Pad

What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation provides each resident with their own self-contained apartment, featuring a bedroom area, small kitchenette and en-suit bathroom facilities. The building also contains a communal space for relaxing and spending time getting to know new friends.

Prices are as follows:

  • £523.84 per month for students (inclusive of all bills)
  • £602.64 per month for key workers (inclusive of all bills + council tax)

The building is being created using modular housing. This form of building has been proven to be very effective at creating high quality spaces that are affordable, which has enabled us to achieve a price almost 30% lower than similar student rentals in the city!

This is a pilot project, which if successful could shape the development of new affordable housing projects in the city.

Who’s it for?

LaunchPad is about more than just a roof. Residents will be invited to be active members of their community, with opportunities for self-management. As part of this we’ll be inviting new residents to shape the shared spaces for the building, and help select the furniture over the summer ahead of move-in. So if you’re looking for a home that feels like your own this residence is for you.

You are welcome to apply for a room if you are a University of Bristol student, a young person from 1625 Independent People or you are a key worker (teacher, nurse, police officer etc) aged 18-25 years old.

Someone may be eligible as a Key Worker where they work in the following services, depending on rank and pay:

  • Frontline NHS workers (excluding doctors and dentists)
  • Teachers and nursery nurses in primary schools and sixth form colleges (excluding Heads of institutions)
  • Police officers, community support officers and some civilian staff (depending on rank and pay)
  • Prison officers, prison staff and probation service staff, depending on rank and pay.
  • Professionals such as social workers, educational psychologists, and therapists who are employed by local authorities.
  • Local authority staff.

Please note: There are a few grey areas when it comes to eligibility for a key worker scheme, so if you think you are borderline or are not sure if you fall into the key worker category check us as to what its boundaries are.

This figure was calculated through a Rightmove search for equivalent studio properties for students. The calculation only included studios that included a kitchenette and en-suit bathroom provision, and included bills inclusive prices for a single occupant. The average rental in April 2019 was £739.90 (first three pages of right move searched by ‘newest listed’).

Where is it?

LaunchPad will be at Alexandra Park, Fishponds. This is a fantastic place to live with easy bus routes into the centre, lots of bars and shops. Alexandra Park is great for getting into a green space and enjoying the weather.

How can I apply?

If you’re interested in applying for this property please fill out the following Expression of Interest form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An innovative partnership:

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Bristol SU
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